Ireland: Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim
UK: Aidan House, Gateshead NE8 3HU

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Jetwash Ltd is at the forefront of pig husbandry and a market leader in the development and infrastructure on the modern day pig farm.
We offer a wide range: Pig flooring products: plastic and cast iron slat and stainless steel heat pads. Pig penning products: Plastic or Paneltim boarding with stainless steel fixations. Pig Feeders: Piglet, Weaner, Fattening, Farrowing and Sows. Wet & Dry Options, Auger systems. Farrowing crates with Stainless Steel Trough. Stainless Steel Trough and Bespoke Stainless Steel products. Piglet Milk Replacer Products and Supplement Feeding systems for piglets. Slurry Pumps and Mixers, High Pressure Power washers. Pig Housing building materials. Contact us to see if we have the product for your farm