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Littleport, Ely,
Cambridgeshire, CB6 1SE

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http://www.techneat.co.uk, http://twitter.co.uk/contentedpigs

Contented Products are committed to developing and manufacturing a wide range of innovative plastic outdoor pig equipment aimed at increasing the welfare of pigs and increasing profitability.
1. The Aardvark and Armadillo insulated plastic arcs have won many awards for innovation. They are out-performing traditional arcs by lowering mortality rates and increasing weaning weights. We have over 2000 arcs out on farms which are proving a great success.
2. Contented’s Anti-Bacterial water tanks have been used on farms for many years. Providing benefits to pig health and greater productivity whilst saving water. These tanks offer clean water for all outdoor pigs in all conditions from sows, dry sows to finishers.
3. Our flip-up Plastic Fenders removes the need for any heavy lifting which is a clear benefit to the stockman. The fender always stays with the arc so is less susceptible to being damaged. Coupled with the drinker and creep tray our fender is a winner.
4. Other products in our range include 1 ton ad-lib feeders, cube drinkers, nipples and many more.