Pig Producers


1 Stradbroke Business Centre
New Street
IP21 5JJ

Tel: 01379 383100 or 07802 596687
Fax: 01379 388851
Contact: Howard Revell
Email: hrevell@dalehead.co.uk

Looking for a reliable income from livestock?
Have you got under-utilised farm buildings?
Contract finishing of pigs with BQP could suit your farm
*We supply the pigs, feed, veterinary input and field staff
*You supply buildings, labour, water and straw
BQP is one of the largest pig production companies in the UK and is part of Tulip Ltd.
We have operated successfully for over 30 years and work in a secure fully integrated supply chain, supplying a high welfare product for a premier retailer. Due to continued growth we are now able to offer the opportunity to join this successful operation.
We also have business opportunities for contracted outdoor breeding herds.
For further details please contact:
Richard.Gooding@Dalehead.co.uk or tel: 07802 596697
Mark.Jagger@Dalehead.co.uk or tel: 07802 596702