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Staddon Cross, North Tawton
Devon EX20 2DP

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The Hermitage Seaborough genome, unique in the world of pig genetics, has been specifically designed and tailored for our customers since 1958. An amalgamation of two of the worlds most exciting breeding companies, exclusively for the UK market, Hermitage Seaborough has a combined nucleus of over 8,000 sows producing an impressive portfolio of genetics. including purebred GP Landrace and GP Large White and our 'Classic' range pf hybrid gilts. In addition, Hermitage Seaborough offers a wide range of terminal boars to suit all types of production systems from our Hylean 55-50 TM including Hylean LW, Hylean MQ and MQM, Duroc and Pietrain, optimising growth and carcass performance. Hermitage Seaborough also represents the optimum in herd health, supplying the highest quality genetics from SPF multiplication units. Closed herd programmes are also a speciality.


Hill House Farm,
Stradbroke, Eye,
Suffolk IP21 5NB

Tel: 01379 384304
Fax: 01379 388272

With 60 years’ experience, Rattlerow now farms more pigs in the UK than any other breeding company and is proud of its continuing commitment to the Industry. The international pig breeding company provides strong technical support and advanced genetics to improve the efficiency of its producers with the new generation of BETTERgen muscle + sire lines. Customers can also select a breeding programme specific to their needs and access some of the most hyper-prolific dam lines through the EASY2MANAGE breeding stock.


Tel: 01953 880636 or 07721 409 335
Contact: Andrew Crosser

We are looking for existing, converted and new pig finishing accommodation due to expansion. The company is UK based and offers very competitive rates. The business boasts a large number of longstanding third party contract finishers whom we have worked with for many years. We would supply the Pigs, feed, vet and med and competent field staff to give you full support. As part of Cranswick Plc we are a fully integrated company supplying all the major retailers and other large organisations with high welfare and commercial pork products. We could be “Your perfect partners in Pigs”. Why not give us a call, you have nothing to lose.